Online Theta Healing Courses


Louise is an amazing Teacher and Therapist/ Healer. I felt at ease from the start, and Louise took time to help me through some of the beliefs I had a hard time releasing, without making me feel rushed. I have done 4 courses with Louise to date and my confidence in the Theta Healing Technique has grown tremendously. I have also utilized her services privately and I feel very thankful and blessed to know her. Louise was definitely an answer to a prayer for me, and I can’t thank her enough. My life will never be the same. Thank you Louise for answering the call and showing up as a Healer, inspiring and impacting people in a very beautiful and unique way. I recommend Louise to anyone that is interested in learning this technique, or  even if you just want healing for yourself.


Dr. Catharina A. Lindeque Hunter (PhD IMD ND DNM DHS DPSc)



16-18 MAY 9:30AM GMT

4-6 JULY 2022 5PM GMT



30 APRIL -2ND MAY 2022 9:30AM GMT


6-8 JUNE 2022 5PM GMT

11-13 JULY 2022 5PM GMT



12 & 13 MAY 2022 9:30AM GMT

16 & 17 JUNE 2022 5PM GMT

18 & 19 JULY 2022 5PM GMT


28 & 29 MARCH 2022 5PM GMT

20 & 21 JUNE 2022 5PM GMT


23 & 24 MAY 2022 5PM GMT

7 & 8 APRIL 2022 9:30AM GMT


5 & 6 MAY 2022 9:30AM GMT