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'I had two sessions in relation to commitment, self worth and trust and I'm so astonished at what I achieved. My whole belief pattern changed, I was able to see a new me. I felt amazing and also found the love of my life. Louise gets to the core of all emotions. What a wonderful treatment. I would highly recommend Louise'


I took Online Theta Healing Advanced DNA training with Louise. It was LIFE-CHANGING! Louise's gentle healing energy made me comfortable right away. I experienced so much healing. It was a truly wonderful experience. Thank you Louise!


I have completed the Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper Theta Healing courses with Louise at Rejuvenate Healing Therapies. Louise provides a safe and relaxed environment in which to learn and heal and I can honestly say it has been a life changing experience. I have met some wonderful people in her classes and together we have been able to remove blocks that were preventing me from moving forward. I now have the confidence to continue healing myself using Theta Healing as well as to help others. Louise is such a warm, friendly person, I would highly recommend her.

Natasha Thompson, Gloucester, UK

Angela Liebermann, St Louis, MO, USA

Phil Ruck, Forest of Dean, UK


I see myself as a very positive and optimistic person and what was really amazing about Louise is that she was able to identify some flawed beliefs that I had been carrying for a long time and didn't realise I had.

Since clearing those beliefs I have felt a progressive sense of wellbeing and calm, feeling even more positive about what lies ahead. Thank you so much Louise


Amazing practitioner. I refer anyone looking for energy healing to Louise. She has helped me work through so much trauma and release many limiting beliefs. She is truly a kind and loving individual. She makes her clients feel welcome and cared for. I highly recommend her. I will be taking her Theta Healing course this weekend and can't wait!


I had never heard of Theta Healing and didn't have any idea what it involved but I contacted Louise and she did a scan and sent me the results. I had never met this lady and all she knew was my christian name, yet what she sent back was so spot on. I attended a session and it was crazy what she told me about myself. It opened up lots of issues that have been surrounding me and dispersed them. Today I have felt more positive about things than I have in a very very long time. Louise and Theta Healing is definitely worth taking the time to investigate.


Ray Daulphin Birmingham, UK

Shaine Midkiff Fort Washinton USA

Carole Warren Forest of Dean, UK

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