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About Us

Hello I'm Louise, the founder Rejuvenate Healing Therapies that I run with my partner Peter. I'd like to welcome you to our website and to your journey to health. It's no accident that you were guided here!


If you are looking to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be then please know that you will be taken care of and that a healing, loving space will be held for you.

Whether you are looking for a way to relieve the stresses of your life, boost your energy levels, relieve illness, or remove limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back from reaching your true potential, then you are in the right place.


By discussing your needs with you we can suggest a suitable and most appropriate therapy for you.

I created Rejuvenate Healing Therapies in 2018 after having an international career as a Professional Oboist for 25 years. A very tough and tragic time in my personal life turned everything upside down. 


My 10 year marriage broke down and I became a single Mum of three small children. This led me to look into some kind of healing therapy for myself. I booked myself a full body massage locally and was given a short treatment of Reiki with it, something i had never encountered before. 


I felt so wonderful after the treatment that I felt I had to research Reiki and study it myself. I studied Reiki and became a Level 3 Reiki Master. I loved being in touch with another realm and my abilities to channel healing escalated. Reiki then led me to look at courses in Complimentary Therapies as I had always loved, and been told I was good at massage by friends and family.


I was told I had healing hands!

I found something that was not only therapeutic for others but also for me. My love of healing and caring others grew and grew leading me to find ThetaHealing®  by chance, being introduced to it by a fellow Reiki Master. ThetaHealing® seemed to be the key to my own growth, self love, happiness, health, abundance and higher consciousness that I had been striving to achieve through meditation.


In one particular session with my tutor I was healed of severe post natal depression that i had suffered from for 10 years. This fast pace and extremely easy but mind blowing way of healing appealed to me so much that I also became an instructor. I now treat clients and hold courses in ThetaHealing® . Some want to study it to either become a practitioner themselves or to use it in every day life with their business, or for personal use to create the best version of themselves possible. I would love to share my passion of healing, and a combination of modalities to best suit you, so that you too may experience the wonder of feeling great and pain free every day of your life. I'm here for you.......

My Story


I started my career at the age of 21 after studying at Rambert School of Dance, London ,as a professional contemporary dancer. This led me to perform internationally over a span of 28 years in many leading dance companies. From the age of 19 I became interested in energy work. I studied Taoism and found it's benefits were immense and helped me with energy levels during my dance career.
During my tours dancing I discovered the need to be able to heal myself and others from injuries as there was no accompanying Physiotherapist. I decided to travel to Thailand to qualify in Traditional Thai massage. I became competent in healing myself and others in the dance company as well as becoming a masseuse in a spa in Iceland where I was based.
Joining Louise at Rejuvenate Healing Therapies has been an exciting venture where my skills with energy work and massage are combined to produce great results with injuries, pain and suffering. I am also a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and have studied Non Violent Communication which really enhances my therapeutic skills.

Peter Anderson

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